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Forgot your password? Hello all, I have a problem with my car, namely with the DSG or clutch. I am hoping someone might have some answers or help for me. I recently had the DSG map applied to my car and all was going good until one day I was driving on the highway at about KPH and all of a sudden the car revved to redline.

I slowed and then accelerated again and the car did the same ting, it was fine in fifth gear, but wasnt good in sixth. I pulled into the nearest service station, thankfully it was within one KM, and then the car just acted really weird, from standstill in first it would rev then jump and kept repeating this, then a warning that revers gear was not available.

I stopped and turned the engine off. The guy who did the DSG map was local to me so came along and returned the DSG map to stock and all seemed to be ok, except now the car was very clunky in changing gears, but only from 1 to 2, 3 to 4 and 5 to 6.

I was able to drive the KM home, although the DSG changes were not very pleasant for the gears as above. I took it to the local VW dealer the following day and got them to check the gearbox oil and replace it, it was about 1L low. After this the car still had the clunky changes making driving VEY uncomfortable for anything over a couple of KM. I again took the car to the local dealer and asked them to have a look into this, so left the car with them. They were unable to do any work to the car, saying that the DSG software was the wrong version and so their computer was unable to read it nor were they able to update it with an upgraded version, they then sent the files to Germany for their assistance.

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At this point they were told to stop working on the car as the ECU had been modified They showed me the email conversation where VW Germany were able to confirm the mileage that the map was applied and that they were voiding my warranty. I got the car back with the same issues and a lost warranty grrr and so I spoke again to the guy who did the mapping, after a few days he came back saying that the car might get fixed with a clutch adaptation reset, so again I went to VW and got this done, which they were able to do through their computer and is not yet available through VCDS.

After the reset the car is a little better, but still reacts 'not right' on the same gearchanges as above. This is just a brief outline of what happened and what the car now does, I can give more details if required.

P0301 ford

Does anyone have any idea what this could be and what is possibly required to hopefully fix the problem. I am not sure if the clutch opening unintentionally is related or a different issue, but the issue that is there now only started when the DSG map was returned to a default stock version, although VW said this was the wrong software.

Yeah really not good, but the morale of the story here is don't mess with factory stuff unless you are happy to accept responsibility and loss of warranty, even if the cause of the fault wasn't your own doing.

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Hope you get it sorted mate, fingers crossed. Don't understand why you wouldn't want to say who it is. If it's one of the main tuners, others may end up with the same bad issues but you could help them avoid this.Perrya is a major car enthusiast and loves sharing his extensive vehicular knowledge with his readers.

Many cars, mostly Volkswagens and Audis, have these unique advanced dual-clutch automatic transmissions. They have been around for a few years now and are hailed as an evolutionary step forward from the traditional transmission. People love them or hate them—it all depends on whether you had any problems with them. InVW recalled of them for defective mechatronic units. The mechatronic unit is a computerized control part of the dual clutch system.

Have the problems with VW DSG/Audi automatic gearboxes been fixed?

It is complex and hard to troubleshoot when things go awry. You may be able to limp home in certain gears, or you may be stranded. The mechatronics are housed in the gearbox, surrounded by DSG oil. They make up the central control unit. All sensor signals and all signals from other control units come together at this point, and all actions are initiated and monitored from here.

The unit has 12 sensors, By hydraulic means, it controls or regulates eight gear actuators via six pressure modulation valves and five selector valves, and it also controls the pressure and flow of cooling oil from both clutches.

The gears are selected via selector forks in the same way as a manual gearbox. Each selector fork selects two gears. The forks are actuated hydraulically on the direct shift gearbox, not by selector rods. Many times, the failures begin with sensor temps failing, either failing outright or falling out of specification. Many sensors have backups, so that if the main sensor fails a backup sensor will provide the data to the computer. If the data sent is incorrect, the computer will do what it thinks is right based on that incorrect data; hence, failures result.

You may only be able to operate in certain gears or none at all. You may notice grinding or bad fuel economy. Usually, if a sensor fails, only that section impacted by the sensor is effected. So, if a sensor fails for second gear, you will not be able to use that gear. Sender G, a key sensor, can be found in the housing of gearbox input speed sender G It measures the temperature of the DSG oil at the outlet of the multi-plate clutches.

p176f clutch 2 closes unintentionally

If G fails, the backup sensors may be able to prevent catastrophic loss. But if they fail, the tranny will go into self-protect mode, and you will be stranded. If your transmission suddenly starts to shift into odd gears or the car stops, it could be the N92 solenoid valve inside the mechatronics unit which controls activation of all the gears. On vehicle diagnosis, testing and information systems, use VASthe following modes of operation: Guided fault finding, Guided functions. VW has made over 1 million DSG transmissions.

Most are working fine with no problems, as long as the owner maintains them by changing the fluid every 40, miles and properly filling them to the correct level.

Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I suspect it could be a faulty solenoid that needs replacing since the shifting fails at times, a flashing PRDNS on the dash is a bad sign and usually deals is a faulty mechtronic module on the tranny or the flywheel that needs replacing.

I have tiguan dsg Q seven speed the problem is when car is in driving temperature sometime put D and no driving response then flash on dashboard ,if i put on d1 tiptronic the first gear will engaged without problems then back to normal D with normal driving. Currently, it is in with the dealer 2-weeks as they are trying to diagnose a problem with the transmission.For Anon!

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Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. After clearing codes, DSG clutch 2 code came back after couple days driving. I have no experience with 7-speed DSG yet. Maybe someone could share some info about this issue? Uwe liked this post. Warn clutch requiring replacement or firmware update need to widen threshold.

Thicker fluid or friction modifier sometimes gets you more time. In Conjunction with I guess this time transmission fluid will not be involved, as clutches are dry type.

Software here is V TPI mentions only V23xx issues and recommends update to V26xx. I'll narrow down my question: can it be solved by readapting clutches or performing some specific basic settings or clutch set must be replaced? MartinsXUwe liked this post. Thanks, Jack! Yeah, sorry, I thought about it just seconds after writing, clutches are dry but controlled by hydraulics Last edited by MartinsX; at AM. All times are GMT The time now is PM.

All rights reserved. Ross-Tech is not affiliated with the Volkswagen Group in any way.Have such faults been rectified?

7 Speed DSG Problems

VW pioneered the direct-shift gearbox DSGwhich is called S tronic when fitted to vehicles made by its Audi subsidiary. It consists of a manual gearbox with an extra shaft and two mechanical clutches, all operated by a computer and servo motors.

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The double clutch is the innovation: it speeds up the gearchanges, maximising smoothness and efficiency. One gear can be engaged with the clutch driving it, with the next gear also engaged but its clutch disengaged, ready to go when the computer swaps from one clutch to the other.

It reduces the time taken to change up a gear to about one-hundredth of a second. Unfortunately, this was prone to overheating and seizing up, so in Audi introduced a seven-speed wet clutch that seemed to end these problems. But then both six and seven-speed models began to develop problems with the wet clutch. In some hot and humid climates the oil could start to vaporise, causing electrical problems under stop-start urban driving conditions.

VW changed the type of oil used from a synthetic to a mineral one, which cured the problem. Since then there appear to have been far fewer problems with this new transmission technology and other car makers are introducing their own versions. Should I proceed? You should ask the seller for evidence that the recall work has been done.

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If the unit fails, firms such as BBA Reman bba-reman. Now he advises the Institute of Advanced Motoring — read more from Tim here. Email your question to carclinic sunday-times. Advice is given without legal responsibility.

p176f clutch 2 closes unintentionally

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p176f clutch 2 closes unintentionally

Sir Stirling Moss dies aged 90 after long illness Read More. This is the car Jeremy Clarkson has on his driveway during lockdown Read More. Coronavirus: Driver behaviour deteriorates on empty roads Read More.I purchased a new XR6 Ute, July ,on gas,from day one i have had problems starting the car, it keeps coming up Transmission Error, motor turns over as to start but does not start,after a few times of this it usuallly starts, car has been back to dealership on several occations but still same!

Hi, can anyone please tell me if I have a problem and if so, what? Thank you. Gauge went full Bulb?

The Mechatronics of the Volkswagen Dual-Clutch Transmission

These will all happen in a matter of milliseconds and so as when the engine is starting, running, accelerating, decelerating, etc petrol pump management systems. Your article for Ford ECU is excellent. Get more information about Ford ECU from here.

Since you can see, when it comes to locating the very best Smittybilt winches, 4 Wheel Drive Hardware is the internet resource that vehicle owners need. You are going to need a massive bowl. Salt dough can be saved in the fridge for many days. Get more details on carsvoice. One of the most typical accessories for Blog - Winches Direct the truck exterior is a customized bumper, like a Ranch Hand bumper. Hi I have a focus and got E can anyone explain what that means i have seen the fault code description and that doesnt explain how to fix it.

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Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Wiring, fuel injection timing solenoid, injector needle lift sensor, air in fuel system, fuel level low, pump timing. Air in fuel system, fuel system leak, fuel lift pump, fuel bypass valve, fuel pressure control valve, high pressure fuel pump.

Instrumentation control module trouble code s stored, wiring short to positive, matching resistor in ECM. Instrumentation control module trouble code s stored, wiring short to earth, matching resistor in ECM. Instrumentation control module trouble code s stored, wiring open circuit, matching resistor in ECM.

Basic setting not carried out, wiring, intake manifold air control actuator, intake manifold air control actuator position sensor. Wiring, intake manifold air control actuator, intake manifold air control actuator position sensor.

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